Services We Provide


We offer a variety of marketing services including designing your ad, brochure, poster, website, etc. For more information on websites and hosting services take a look at our website and website hosting pages.

Business Plans

Looking into starting your own business, or expanding an existing company? If you are applying for any kind of funding or loans, a business plan is a must. Even if you are not applying for funding, to avoid investing your time and money into a failed venture, a business plan will help you develop your ideas that work, and by conducting market research, you can easily find out if your idea can turn into a money making, feasible business. We can help you put your brilliant ideas into an easy to reference format, help you come up with a realistic cash flow projection and do the market research for you.

Program Coordinating and Management

  • From event coordinating to running an ongoing venture, LAMM brings you the expertise needed to pull it off. We are able to act as consultants for your program start up or provide ongoing support for your organization and clients. We can be counted on for tracking stats accurately, and being meticulously organized.
  • Non-profit Services
  • Starting a non-profit or charity consulting. Feasibility Studies to be used for obtaining funding, proposal writing, starting or managing your enterprising business, editing and consultation, and a variety of other services are available for your needs.
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